Time management is very important

It is also associated with a vogue practice that fasting lightly and heavy celibacy be observed on Thursday. Behind them is the philosophy of restraint practice. If the process of sense restraint, time restraint, semantic restraint and thought control is allowed to grow, flourish, then it tightens the grip of the above mentioned four-dimensional restraints, dragging the seekers to the state of becoming ascetic, in the true sense. The efforts made to achieve the triple goal of becoming powerful, brilliant, intelligent, are called ascetic in the true sense. Every follower of the spiritual field should be well acquainted and impressed by the divine power of tenacity.

Just like daily activities like bathing, eating, sleeping, excrement, excretion etc., some time should be constant for worship and worship, so that oblivion or pranks are not allowed to occur in the pursuit of life. In the morning, the feeling of being born again as soon as the eyes are opened, and considering the present day as a whole life, such a routine should be made that maximum excellence in time, labor, thinking and behavior should be included. The day should be spent according to the same outline made in the morning, so that there is no scope for Pleasure and disorientation. Similarly, at night one should consider the end of one day’s life at bedtime and review the activities of that day in such a strict manner that the atrocities created may be repaid on the second day and the next day more vigilantly undertake more decency. .

There is a slow or intense excitement at intervals for religious works such as charity, charity, pilgrimage, charity. It should also take some effort to adopt it as a sign of God, guidance and advice. As time goes on, the coordination of all these is concentrated in a single process of expansion. These are propounded by the names of knowledge, idea revolution or refinement of people, promotion of Sat. The call of time, the request of the universe can also be called the same. Corrupt thinking and wicked behavior have created many problems and crises. All these remedies can be solved, with only one solution, it is possible to try to promote visionary rationality in the public. Enhancement of excellence in thinking, character and behavior can only be possible by awakening emotion in the inner mind. This is the era religion of its time. If anyone wants, then he can also say the challenge of the expression of divine power.

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