Spiritual practice is the way of peace

Even if the objective of the human body is not known even if its objective is not known, then the human body and animal body – a self-welfare practice which cannot be done in this life, nothing is used for this rare opportunity.

Come out a little and see how wide this world is and how vast it is. Standing under the open night sky, run around and look around, how many planetary constellations are scattered. What a huge spread of this world. But you will get time to think about all these things only when you remove the mind from an oriented attitude and will also have some vision towards these non-matter subjects. There are wishes, which are standing our way. Self-interest is the only one who stands in the way of self-development. Jealousy, malice, deeds, anger, fear have wandered in greed, we are not able to move towards greatness from it.

Let us be generous, create courage and stand up to face the hardships of spiritual life, then see if the greatness for which we constantly crave is found in its true form or not. Truth is hidden in us, awaken it through religion. Power is sleeping inside us, wake it up with spiritual practice, this is the only way of meaningfulness of life.

The one who gets peace of fear without wearing it is the same religion, that is the goal. Protect the rights of others through us. Free yourself from the gluttony of authority. Your welfare is in craving, without lust, and in being fruitless. This is a mistake. This leads to downfall. Because of this, a man is humbled in every way and continues to spend his life full of trouble and tribulation. Pleasure and peace are not in enjoyment, luxury, but in the truthfulness, honesty, and purity of man. Man’s splendor is hidden only in virtues, by which all the deprivations of life are overcome.

Man’s firmness towards life goals should be strong. He will have to be strengthened by thought and wisdom, to deepen his life, only then can the success that can achieve the life goal be achieved. The more you consider this world and the conditions here, the more the conscience will increase, the way of self-welfare will be understood. When a man understands the situation, there is no problem in accepting and adopting it. But the perseverance of life-goals and the prudence of self-analysis must be so limited that worldly obstacles, the temptations of indulgences cannot affect it, only then can one steadily move towards the greatness for which man’s incarnation of the soul in the vagina It happens.

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