Self-development should be first priority

In worship rule, family members of wisdom family usually adopt chanting, meditation and yoga according to their own interest and convenience. life-flow of these three becomes a boon only when motives behind these three are connected inseparably.

name chanting refers to God – one whose laws we usually have forgotten, put it on memory plate again and again, do not forget forgetfulness. Sur- name and chanting is importance and importance of rare human life, to try and maintain mindset of understanding and adopting aspirations of life and compassion associated with it. Rubbing soap cleanses body and clothes. Wearing rubbish gives an opportunity to mark and shine. Develop your chanting personality on this basis.

Those who are meditated on, try to be fit as a target. This is purpose of meditation of Rama, Krishna, Shiva, etc., to instill oneself with that level of greatness. Family members often chant Mantra and meditate on rising sun Sun’s two characteristics are well-known – one is energy, other is aura. We should be energetic progressive, effortless. Expand progress everywhere, through light of knowledge, progress everywhere. Be self-illuminated, make others light. aura of heat and light is full of light in every moment of life, this is main purpose of sun meditation. At time of meditation, there is a feeling of unrestrained rain in body, light in brain and dominance in inner mind. This process should not be left as a mere imagination, but should also try to manufacture itself accordingly.

In yoga, sense of pulling, holding, and throwing out inauspicious inauspiciousness is felt by nasal universe. Everything is good and bad in world, but we think it is only appropriate for us to attain divinity. Try to capture one who is best and excel in power. Do not remain constant, weak, cowardly, cowardly, but be such a life that you can engage in expansion of life-consciousness in yourself and in field of contact.

Practitioners of chanting, meditation and yoga have been adopting for a long time. If there is some doubt, that deficiency can be bridged by asking someone nearby. Necessary manipulation of time and work can also be done as per your convenience, but it should not be forgotten that expressions of self-development and social flourishing that lie behind each ritual should be considered as prominent and not like beating line, but inspiration. Filled with – whole mindset should be upgraded on that basis.

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