Rituals should be followed in life

Different types of worship practices are found prevalent in a particular region or community, according to different views. The facts and secrets behind them all do the same thing to make themselves sophisticated and well-organized. This is the only worship, worship and worship of God. God, who is constantly engaged in the world order, does not have much time to spend time listening to the pleasures of so many devotees and receiving the picture-bizarre gifts. All this is created and done through self-indication, as a self-indication to walk on the path of excellence.

There is no effect of praise on God nor blasphemy. Priests build bridges of continual praise and atheists recite thousands of abuses. None of these murmurs have any effect on him. The selection commission does not appoint anyone as an officer even if you are begging and rubbing your nose. Nothing can do less than getting a number to get a scholarship and winning a competition. God also has this sure policy. His happiness is also focused on a focal point of how much grant was made to make his world park a beautiful upgrade. Worship rituals are carried out and adopted to know this same system. If the rituals should be fulfilled like beating the line and disobeying the commandment of the divine, then it should be understood that it is only a playful play. No one is going to be good for that much.

The idol of the deity is the concept of a complete human being, whose worshiper should also remain in a beautiful state like a beautiful and young man in every situation. Goddesses are a symbol of motherhood. The beliefs of every seeker towards women should be developed and manufactured at this level.

Worship- Water, Flower, Sandalwood, Incense, Deep, etc. are kept in the Arg. This means to determine your customs policy keeping those medium signals in mind. The meaning of water is – let us be cool, gentle and balanced. The direction behind the sun is that we make the atmosphere full of senses – full fragrant. Deepak indicates that we should be ready to emit anything from our means, personalities, to make the light of knowledge broad. Sandal means making the neighbors as fragrant as themselves. Do not give up the cheerful nature even in the face of harsh situations like cutting, wearing and wearing. A flower means to adopt the nature of feeding, laughing and feeding. Intact means to maintain unwavering loyalty, to be generous, etc. in planning a part of your earnings for divine purposes. God does not need these things, this is not the case. Through these symbols – devotions, we train ourselves to keep the personality well equipped for the descent of divinity.

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