Man’s determination should be clear

Our simple religion is that we should pray for light in this life and move towards it. It took some time, but whenever he gets a new life, we should keep moving towards the light. Man’s determination must remain with him. Our conscience should be fixed towards the goal of life just like the needle of the so that we do not forget to forget in this journey.

In this life, stools of work, anger, greed, and fascination, etc. continue to defy self-purity. One should always strive to remove this holy one through divine qualities of celibacy, devotion, labor, and love. The route, without doubt, suffers from difficulties and complications. But if the truth, devotion, devotion, and self-surrender keep moving towards the multiple lights of God, then these difficulties cannot spoil the human being.

Such occasions often come daily when we see the virtuous, thought-provoking scenes of the birth, old age, misery, disease, and death of the creatures, but how mad, wishful and indiscriminate is the human eye of this earth, even after seeing all that, It remains blind from the eyes of conscience and thought. A man indulging in fascination and worldly delight, does not sit in seclusion all the time to think about the purpose of being born in this curious male-body, who are we, where have we come from and where are we going?

For this purpose, what should be done by the person and under what circumstances? To get its practical guidance, a plan should be made to reach Ha once every year or at least once in two years out of the nine days of continuous cultivation sessions in a peaceful house. This venture can be considered as a way of charging the battery or getting a new light, new guidance according to the changed circumstances. This mode is effective for self-improvement.

For those who wish to pursue charitable purposes like the temple, hospice the same charitable person who produces a lot of foresight and every kind of soul is seen in every respect, that they can build a ‘moving knowledge temple’ Try as much as you can.

Wherever it is carried on the bicycle or solid rubber four wheels of the temple shape, with the tapered card and loudspeaker fitted, there is a series of concerts and brief discourses. The procession, like the auditorium, becomes an atmosphere like Pr. In this, there is a cheap, full of twenty-first-century inspirations, but there is also literature favoring the era religion, which can continue without any price, read and then withdraw later. Available literature can be sold to those who have a request to buy something.

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