Humanity is a supernatural work of God

Humanity is a supernatural work of God. He is a great creation of Vis Para Dev. The person fulfills most of his journey in the human body. He also has more facilities than other vagaries. This life is very convenient. All the facilities and eternal powers have been concentrated here so that man does not have to complain that God has denied him any facility and care. Even after having such an invaluable human body, which keeps drowning in the darkness itself, what else can it be called if it is not luckless.

 It is a matter of great misfortune to remain in captivity, work, anger, fascination, greed, etc., in this human life too, being disenchanted with self-knowledge. But even then, he does not live to blame the man. Not in evil, it is in its natural form the truth, mind, and joy. As an infant, he is born with exactly this basic nature but deviates from his motives by coming under the wraps of inadvertent parental, harmful education, bad association, toxic environment, and a bad-tempered society. Gets to lead an indiscriminate life.

Therefore, blasphemy should be condemned not of human beings, but of faults, which push a human into darkness by light. The life of a human being is like a tool molded in the structure of social life, it seems appropriate to give credit for good and bad conditions only to social education and immediate circumstances. If you want to see a man who is virtuous and inspired by ideals, then he should try to create a beautiful light environment by eradicating malice and bad luck. In order to fulfill our ambitions, it is not appropriate to impose self-inferiority on any class, individual or society. Humanity is tarnished by this. Let us do this so that the curtain of ignorance is destroyed and the light of divine knowledge starts flickering all around.

The general rule of convenient travel is that from time to time travelers should leave their places for others. Only with the reaction of descending can any journey be completed methodically. A similar system should also be there in human life. God has made it his rule that man should use this vehicle only for a certain time and leave that place safe for someone else. It is his kind of responsibility to build future citizens of visitors with cleverness and intelligence. Leave this kind of atmosphere for the traveler who does not take care of his own interest only so that he too can complete his journey with convenience and understanding.

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