Human rights should for a particular purpose

If you have got some more power and strength then it does not mean that you will force others to harass them. Keep enjoying yourself and do not allow others to sit. Our sages had established a system that every citizen should receive as much as possible to meet their needs, the remaining part of society should be distributed to other afflicted animals so that there is no disturbance in the society. Whether it is inequality, whether it is money or property, every lack will create rebellion in the mind of the sufferer and only social evils will spread from it. Therefore, there should never be an abandonment of justice.

A person should not be alienated from humanity, considering his interest as well. In this, there is peace, happiness, and orderliness. To keep the man from these evils, he should always keep his goal in front of him. Travel disturbances spread when their original goal is forgotten. The rights and characteristics enjoyed in human life are for a particular purpose. Other creatures did not get this much convenience. Man is the only person who has got valuable gifts of a beautiful body, thoughts, conscience, language, etc., their meaning is only when a man uses them properly.

Even if man does not fulfill his ultimate goal, even after getting an opportunity like body, he should be considered the same as other beings. This is a valuable opportunity to eradicate the tiredness of births when a person can achieve the ultimate peace-seeking status of God-attainment by consuming the knowledge and resources he has acquired. Those who do not get the strength of means or devotion or who do not want to go on the path of difficult austerities, they can only create good values, goodwill, and devotion in this life so that the circumstances of the next life will be more favorable and gradually Keep the program going towards your life goals.

But what to say to this hapless man who forgets his self-image and is enjoying decorating his body with lust. Even after seeing that the body is perishable and like other living beings, it has to be found in the dust one day, yet he is going mad in the mirage of physical pleasures in such a way that he does not even know his true nature. He destroys most of life in the editing of physical pleasures. As long as the strength and youth remain, it does not open its eyes of understanding, later when the roots of the sacrament become deeply fixed and the body relaxes, then what is also made of understanding. Cleverness is when, by chance, a human being becomes accustomed by accumulating virtues so that there will be no hurdle in returning this journey satisfactorily.

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