Happiness get from god reverence

No one has seen God nor is he the object of seeing because he is omnipresent everywhere. His icon is made so that by adding to the medium of advocacy and respect for excellence in the human body, the common man can imagine the characteristics of the divine. By incorporating patriotic feelings of patriotism into the national flag, it is hoisted with due pride and given due respect. to see God was not seen in any way and the request for real philosophy remained, then the inspiration of the light of philosophy gave this vast world to the great Brahman. Told the statue. Explaining the philosophy of this great form, the narrator, the lyricist, has tried to explain rhetorically that the worldly excellence is the worship divine entity. As such, it can be known as a regulatory formula operator in the entire universe. It can be understood scientifically in the form of discipline, balance, planning etc. His feeling can only be in the form of reverence. It can be found only after being identical and healthy.

To achieve unity with fire, fuel has to be surrendered and the courage to become healthy by erasing our independent existence. This is the process of union of God and life. The drain has to merge with the river. Water has to be dissolved in milk and has to take the same taste, husband and wife adopt this mentality of dedication and reach the state from duality. Man too becomes a deity when he is full of divinity, and when the expanse like divineness in it is attained, then the state of the soul becomes divine. It also incorporates the inelasticity of manipulating a lot. Sages and Proven men were seen with this view and they are often given credit on the same basis.

The guard shows red and green flags. Thus colors do not have any importance, but on seeing the flags that indicate standing and walking, the railway system is formed by understanding and implementing the same. There is nothing embodied in worshiping actions – acts, pleading to God – without displaying eligibility, fulfilling the desires you desire without making effort. People are usually confused in confusion. The work does not work without sowing seeds or watering for harvesting, even if there is anything like pleasuring and pleading.

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