God is omnipresent in the entire world

It is believed that creator is only creator. leaf does not move without God’s will. If you are not to be confused with both representations, then you should add so much to it that closest place to meet creator or God is your conscience. In this way, God is omnipresent and can be seen anywhere, but if you want to avoid running to far side, then your inner conscience should be searched. desire to see God wholeheartedly sitting behind same screen, desire to open and meet with one’s heart, should be easily fulfilled. Nothing makes a point by provoking sentimentality or flying imaginary blows.

God is not rooted, but conscious. It cannot be limited to statues. Consciousness: Actually, along with consciousness, milk can be mixed like water. Human conscience can be nearest and surest place of God. Those who really want to taste high status like God visit, Interview god attraction, they should enter their own interval with eyes closed to outside world and see that who is suffering and painstaking efforts to get, to see. Were going, he is sitting in a very close place. Keeping simplicity difficult, applying this headstand is also dependent on will and efforts of man. God who lives in interval is actually full of that ability, from which it can be possible to get desired blessing and become happy. People or gods from outside can either remind of consciousness or can somehow become a medium to recreate mind.

To make temple extremely distraught, a devotee requested a Sufi saint to make outline of temple. He said very seriously, ‘Make building according to budget with advice of artisans of your choice, but believe me one thing, only to place a giant mirror in place of statue, so that by seeing its image in it, audience realizes this reality It is possible that either abode of God is present within same temple, specially designed for him or it is understood that if self-determination is refined, Then same can develop in divine power. Not only this, but she can also keep on continuously raining divine gifts according to her refined self-confidence, entitlement. ‘

devotee got rid of cheap sentimentality suggesting something. He made a big hall and really established a big mirror in such a place, by seeing which audience could keep trying to see inner God and enhance it.

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