Divine Consciousness get from meditation

In the days of the non-cooperation movement, the Congress leaders, who were leaders of Congress, used to carry carts of cotton propaganda and used to engage in cotton propaganda with full enthusiasm, explaining the purpose to those in contact. By today’s circumstances, the same chanting benefit can be achieved by rotating devotees who pull the chariot of God on special festivals believe themselves to be the possessors of the virtuous. In the past, its mission has created more than 2400. Now there are plans to build even more than that. It can be understood as a declaration of the Sank level of change, similar to the awakening of the new awakening in the village, the colony.

Prayer to God – pleas to pray – Spiritual songs have also been happening since time immemorial. Now, these days there is a special occasion to pay attention to the call of God in objectionable circumstances and leave the choice and go on the suggested path of Ma on his invitation. Possibly their presiding deity may have required their worship- worship and would have bathed these true seekers with the desired boons. If we follow them, there is nothing like loss or loss or loss at all.

These days the Divine Consciousness has started expanding the community of serviceable gentlemen. The mermaid of the era is anxious to make his brother worldwide these days. It is good, let us be a part of the grand scheme of the same and keep worshiping the will of our blessings by worshiping our will.

It is expected that the readers of these lines, rising higher than the male palms, have become more sophisticated in terms of thinking. They adopt a multiplication process consisting of one to five, five to twenty-five, twenty-five to one hundred and twenty-five, find four more companions and make them a partner of their purposes and create a pan of Yuga humans. To continue to contribute and contribute time and make them agree to adopt the same karma method. Many programs have been made for this. Some of these can be adopted at will. Apart from enrichment, self-enrichment, the virtue which has to be adopted with equal enthusiasm these days is – to adopt the policy of one to five – to encourage the whole world from the ideology of new life. In this sequence, extraordinary sophistication and development of your life will also be ensured.

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